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November 29, 2022 |

Why Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Helpful For Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics is a full-package solution with the capability to address all your business challenges. It can help you with everything from centralizing your corporate processes to monitoring client relations and increasing revenue.

As an entrepreneur, you are losing out on substantial advantages if you do not leverage all of the capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance solution.

When it comes to the most important aspect of business development, sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance solutions play an essential role. Dynamics 365 Finance, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, is intended to assist organizations in increasing their sales and profits.

What Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Really Do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, a revolutionary, unique approach to end-to-end enterprise systems, has become a unified ERP with individual, intent-built applications for each of your core business operations.

Dynamics 365 Finance provides enterprises with a cloud-based, adaptable solution that meets their specific demands.

It is a solution designed by Microsoft that consolidates financials and operational processes across finance, production, distribution network, storage facility, stock control, and logistics planning through an innovative and convenient user interface for running a game-changing, modern enterprise on a worldwide scale.

It incorporates digital analytics through every potential lead and enables your sales staff to give more tailored client care based on historical data.

It basically uses customer relationship data to estimate what your customers require and how to increase your sales growth.

This gives firms ideas and tactics for improving their products and sales while targeting their potential customers.

Key Attributes And Capabilities

Accounts Payable

Dynamics 365 Finance provides enterprises with a cloud-based, adaptable solution that meets their specific demands.

  • Build and maintain client conditions, contact information, address details, refunds, and sales agreements.
  • Generate sales forecasts, confirmations of orders, invoices, and account statements.
  • Customer, prospect, and opportunity management.
  • Monitor client collective action and account cases.
  • Use of essential reports and charts for AR-related data.

Accounts Receivable

  • Handle suppliers, terms, contacts, and contact information.
  • Control trade agreements and rebate programs.
  • Make purchase requisitions, orders, and confirmations.
  • Control workflow approvals.
  • Take bought items into inventory.
  • Generate problem returns and instances.
  • Reports from the core modules, as well as charts and graphs.

Invested Capital

  • Set up and manage assets according to kind and category.
  • Create, maintain, and allocate depreciation models to assets.
  • Revenue segments for the most often purchased products are created.
  • Asset sales and transfers
  • Module-based reports, charts, and graphs

General Ledger Capabilities

  • The formation and replication of a legal entity
  • Define and distribute a list of accounts and subaccounts across firms.
  • Control finances and journal entries, and create new journals.
  • Management of allocation and creation of a rules matrix
  • CORE reports and Business Intelligence are available for the most popular GL-based reports.


  • Make and manage bank accounts
  • Manage check registries and check formats
  • Configure ACH, wire, and credit card processing.
  • Integrations for positive payment and lockboxes

What Benefits Can Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Provide For Sales?

When combined with the sales arm of Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can benefit from the following advantages:

Using Past Customer Data To Make Well-Informed Decisions

The combination of Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 Finance can transform your prior records and customer information into more unified data and actionable insights by leveraging the power of Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. These findings are then supplied to the relevant departments in order for them to make the most of them.

A CRM Platform That Is Much More

Naturally, Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 Finance handle CRM and financial activities as expected.

This combination optimizes and automates your company operations, from monitoring new sales inquiries to capturing client data, tracking engagements, and delivering auto-reminders to the sales staff for follow-up.

As a result, it is an excellent solution for reducing the time and money spent on your sales force. In addition, it creates a seamless interface with Microsoft Office 365, MS SharePoint, and many more products to match your company's specific needs.

Microsoft Product Integrations Lead to Unlimited Possibilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Sales work together to create smooth interactions with Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Outlook, and many more applications to fit your company's specific needs.

There are seven programs in all that operate together to manage all elements of your organization.

By combining the features of all solutions into a single application, users may operate more seamlessly and efficiently. In addition, it saves firms time, effort, and money in obtaining these solutions.

Simple Workflows And Increased Productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Sales services allow users to track and build custom operations based on user interactions such as emails, appointments, and phone calls.

It also allows you to develop custom processes and search for them in the past utilizing Azure-powered dedicated search services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales provides real-time statistics and analytics to picture your sales team's success comprehensively. This will enhance productivity by offering critical feedback early on, resulting in a more focused workforce and more profits.

How Do You Set Up Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance For Sales?

Most businesses may not have all of the necessary organizational data specified before attempting to adopt, which is where a recognized Microsoft partner like American Chase can assist. By providing a bespoke, easy but powerful integration, we can ensure that your business receives the highest potential Return on Investment (ROI). In addition, a well-implemented system will provide automated and self-managed procedures, increasing user acceptance and ultimate scalability.

A standard Dynamics 365 Finance deployment consists of many stages built on the system's core and operational procedures practices. The primary aspect of successful implementation is effective user acceptance, and if these stages are correctly integrated and regulated, the applied solution may contribute to the organization's growth.


With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, businesses can now handle their financial activities more efficiently and effectively. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a contemporary business solution that allows enterprises to examine their financial data clearly and concisely.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance professionals can adapt and enhance Dynamics 365 Finance for your business’s needs so that you can take advantage of the integrated tools available, boost productivity and gain actionable insights into your financial data.

With the help of our experienced Dynamics 365 consultants at American Chase, we can assist you in getting the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Sales to create a highly efficient organizational structure. Contact us today for more information!

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